Squeez Bacon

There’s so much to be said about this “Squeez Bacon”, but I’ll keep it brief and informative. Within this ketchup shaped bottle there is a fully cooked 100% bacon paste that squeezes right out of the tube. Each serving is equivalent to 4 slices of bacon, every bottle comes with 21 oz, otherwise calculated to 16 servings and 64 slices of bacon total. It’s bottled in Sweden, made from U.S. bred swine, there is no refrigeration needed and it has a shelf life of 12 years. It can be eaten right out of the tube, or it can be heated up depending on your desired outcome. One tube will run you $7.99 from the ThinkGeek webstore. Here’s the big catch though…this product isn’t real. If you go through with the purchasing method, you will get a message describing how you fell for their “April 1st Joke”. Regardless of this product’s reality, the idea of it still seems novel and interesting! Video of the product in action is available after the jump:

By Elie Ayrouth

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.