Nigerian Court Claims Sprite And Fanta Are Potentially Super Poisonous

Popular Coca-Cola brand soft drinks Sprite and Fanta may be a little worse for you than you think, according to some recent findings in the country of Nigeria.

According to CNN, a court in Nigeria ruled that the two carbonated beverages sold in the country are “poisonous” when consumed alongside victim C. The court is ordering the manufacturer, the Nigerian Bottling Company, to place warning labels on their products indicating so.

It seems the two drinks allegedly contained a dangerously high amount of benzoic acid and sunset yellow (a food coloring known in the US as Yellow 6). When mixed with ascorbic acid, it potentially could become a high health risk for humans, forming carcinogens.

The Nigerian Bottling Company, however, is challenging the ruling. They state that the levels of benzoic acid in the drinks are within the levels approved by international food standards body Codex Alimentarius as well as the national regulator.

While the case is still ongoing, such public attention has left Nigerian consumers wary of the two sodas.

By Peter Pham

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