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Spring Breakers Commit Animal Cruelty For The Sake Of Getting Drunk

Earlier this week, TotalFratMove and Munchies shared some Instagram videos of spring breakers trying to party hard, while causally incorporating living and (presumably) dead sea animals in their binge-drinking festivities.

Witnessing the act of our soon-to-be future leaders behave in a manner seemingly scripted for a society with a Trump-obliterated Environmental Protection Agency is frightening and upsetting, yet so insignificant to the participants of these obnoxious activities, who otherwise seem to be having a blast.

The shark shotgun. @tfmspringbreak

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In addition to the obscene act of desecrating a helpless animal, drinking Michelob Ultra on the beach during spring break is literally the weakest way to party. Have some respect for yourself.

Michelob Ultra is only 4.3 percent alcohol. And he spilled half of it trying to figure out how to shotgun a beer. Talk about amateur hour.

It’s now safe to say the Internet lost its shit after seeing these overgrown children showcase their cruel stupidity by using a beached shark as a can opener, using a starfish as a luge, and eating a jellyfish for some unknown goddamn reason, amongst other kinds of stupidity they did.

Look at this floating d-bag. I hope you get crabs. Whatever kind you’re thinking of.

The starfish luge.

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Clearly, this is the reality of an entitled millennial generation, having zero respect for the environment or themselves. Who decides that taking advantage of harmless animals and using them to consume alcohol is a good idea?

There’s a video that involves some dude drinking a jellyfish. WTF?

The jelly fish shotgun.

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Within days of surfacing, dozens of people were calling for the TFM audience to report these obvious acts of animal cruelty. And rightfully so, this shouldn’t be acceptable behavior.

While this moronic behavior might not result in a penalty, at least it will live in infamy across the internet for the world to see. Good job, bros, you’ve officially, “crossed the line” at spring break — something that was considered impossible by mankind. But, hey, be sure to thank mommy and daddy for buying you such a life changing experience.

By Evan Lancaster

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