Spotted Dick, Nun’s Farts & More Foods We’re Too Immature to Handle


No matter how old we get, there are some things that will always make us blush and dissolve into a fit of giggles. In the same way that “That’s what she said” jokes will never get old, most of us (with a childhood) will never be able to eat a plate of spotted dick sponge pudding with a straight face.

Realizing this, the lads over at First We Feast compiled a list of 9 Foods We’re Too Immature to Eat. Naturally, we picked had to pick our favorites. It was the mature thing to do.




The juices from the leaves of the pandanus fruit, ahem, are used in many Thai dishes, helping boost the flavor. According to Thrillist, this peculiar fruit is also referred to as “screw pine,” which isn’t nearly as fun as “pandanus.”


Nun’s Farts


Nun’s Farts, or “pets de nonne” en français, are airy pieces of cream puff batter that are fried, re-fried and baked in the oven. Apparently, they taste nothing like you’d imagine flatulence to taste like, but we’re ok with that.


Rocky Mountain Oysters


No, these aren’t oysters, they’re giant bull testicles. Fortunately, once you get over the initial trauma of stuffing your face with balls, they’re actually quite tasty.


Spotted Dick


There’s nothing like a steaming plate of “mutton fat cut from the animal’s loins” soaked in custard to get you all riled up.


Head over here for more inappropriate eats.

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Oh dear! And I have a really huge pandanus tree in my back yard! Those seed pods look more like enormus bowling balls with a handle and when they hit the ground they explode the seeds everywhere!

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