This Amazing Spider-Man Took a Break From Ass-Kicking To Feed The Homeless [WATCH]

Sick and tired of the media’s portrayal of him being nothing more than a crime-fighter, Spider-Man decided to show a different type of heroism that’s doesn’t usually make the front page of The Daily Bugle.

He goes by the name Brum Spider-Man and he went around the city of Birmingham, England, handing out food to the homeless. In a video, the web slinger shows how he went to a supermarket, bought some sandwiches, struggled with the self-checkout, then went out on his heroic quest. Upon seeing a homeless person, he walked up to them, handed them a sandwich and shook their hand.

Brum Spider-Man’s trying to raise awareness of the homelessness in Birmingham. Apparently your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man tweets often, as he pumps out facts such as Birmingham having the highest number of homeless people in England and the 55 percent increase in homelessness since 2010.

So when he’s not fighting Dr. Octopus and Rhino, he’s trying to put an end to the homelessness in his city.

No matter what libelous things J. Jonah Jameson says about you in those newspapers, we know you’re a hero, Spidey.

h/t Bored Panda

By Isai Rocha

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