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Spend $66 on Domino’s New ‘Luxury’ Kobe Beef Steak Pizza in Japan


If you’re in Japan, you can blow 5,800 yen ($66) on the recently released Kobe Beef Steak Pizza. Topped with Kobe beef, onions, potatos, cheese, and deluxe steak sauce, the question remains as to whether or not anything that involves the expensive and succulent meat can really go wrong (sorry, vegetarians). Then again, this is Domino’s, king of junk pizza, so RocketNews24 decided to break the bank and try it for the rest of us. Here’s what they deduced:

“The beef here really is sublime! From the first bite, the pure tastiness of the ingredients sets off a chain reaction inside the cerebral cavity. Before you know it, you find yourself entering into a state of pizza ecstasy.”


On a negative note, with the beef being the focal point of the pizza- and let’s admit it, the meat is what will be impacting on your taste buds the most – it actually detracts a little from the traditional notion of what makes a good pizza.”

In conclusion: If you’re in the area and feel like trying something different, get some friends together and splurge on this luxury concoction. However, if it’s traditional pizza that you’re after, better luck somewhere else.

H/T RocketNews24

By Cristiana Wilcoxon

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