This Restaurant Serves A Monstrous Deep-Fried Spam And Egg Musubi


I had just wrapped a story about this dude who created Lobster Elotes, when I found myself looking for a bite to eat before hopping on the freeway home. As most Southern Californians know, sitting in traffic after work hours simply sucks.

Instead of driving onto the ramp, I drove straight into the relatively unknown (to myself) streets of Orange and scanned the nearby shops for somewhere to eat. As I settled on Carl’s Jr., Pete playing it safe, my eyes locked on to a sign a little further down the road: Musubi Monster.

The Hawaiian dish traditionally features a square of rice that’s topped with a slice of grilled spam that’s wrapped together with a piece of dried nori seaweed.

Guess Pete wasn’t playing it safe. I parked and went inside to scope what they had to offer. What I found on the menu, however, was something monstrous.

Behold, the Deep-fried Spam and Egg Musubi.


I texted a couple friends who happened to be in the area to come and share the experience with me. They were more than happy and eager to grab some dinner. When our food was ready, each piece of the musubi came out to nearly a pound each.

Seriously, it was like a burrito.

This “snack” was coated in a crispy breaded shell. The egg was cooked over hard, the spam with a nice sear and the rice moist despite going through the deep fryer.

After I finished my musubi, I headed straight for the office to take a nap on the couch. There’s no way I could drive after eating something so deliciously heavy. 

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By Peter Pham

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