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A Mansion’s Restaurant Is Twisting Up The Cubano Sandwich With SPAM®️

One of Phoenix’s most ornate landmarks has to be the Wrigley Mansion. It was built by the Wrigley Chewing Gum family back in 1929. In 1992, the mansion was bought by Geordie Hormel, the late heir to the Hormel meatpacking company. To commemorate Geordie, his namesake restaurant at the Wrigley Mansion will be serving up a twist on the classic Cubano Sandwich that utilizes a long-standing Hormel product: SPAM®️.

Called the Hormel SPAM®️ Cubano, this sandwich was created by the mansion’s kitchen team in conjunction with Jamie Hormel, current owner of the mansion and Geordie’s wife. The item is a sharp contrast to the high-end French fare normally sold at Geordie’s at the Wrigley Mansion, but still one that gets a ton of attention to detail.

The restaurant’s take on the Cubano has classic ingredients like housemade pulled pork, whole grain mustard, pickles, and bolillo bread. A couple of twists are then introduced, with white cheddar subbing out the usual Swiss cheese and griddled slices of SPAM®️ Classic taking over for what would usually be ham. Everything is packed into the bread, pressed, and fried, creating a hot, crispy, gooey, and meaty sandwich to salivate over. It’s then served up alongside a cleaned-out SPAM®️ tin that’s been crammed with housemade potato chips.

Geordie’s doesn’t typically sell these types of sandwiches, as the restaurant is known for high-end French cuisine. However, their tribute to Geordie Hormel is one that is still full of flavor and shows the versatility of one of Hormel’s signature products.

You can try the Hormel SPAM®️ Cubano on Geordie’s menu for the entirety of SPAM®️ Restaurant Month.

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By Constantine Spyrou

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