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355,000 Cans Of SpaghettiOs Recalled For Plastic Bits In The Sauce


Campbell Soup Company is issuing a recall of 355,000 SpaghettiOs cans after it was discovered that pieces of red plastic lining was found in the tomato sauce. Consumerist reports that because of the choking hazard that this presents, the company is recalling the cans of Original Flavor.

The 14.2 ounce cans in question have February 22, 2016 on the bottom of each lid with a UPC number of 51000 22432. Campbell says to return the cans to the store where they were purchased, but if consumers are unable to, they should call the company’s recall line at 1-866-535-3774.

Can’t have plastic bits interrupting our SpaghettiOs time.

While the pieces of plastic were discovered through numerous customer complaints, it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt yet from the product.

Photo: SpaghettiOs

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