Elderly Woman Robs Bank with A Can of Spaghetti Sauce


Old ladies are usually sweet, make you cookies, and drive at the blazing speed of 10 mph. Turns out, they also stop by their local bank for cash withdrawals . . . with cans of spaghetti sauce in tow.

This was the scene that played out in Michigan according to Detroit Free Press. This past Saturday morning, a woman in her 60’s entered a bank, walked up to the teller and placed a cloth bag on the counter, demanding money. She claimed there was a bomb within the cloth bag and that she would blow the bank to smithereens if her demands weren’t met. Turns out that hidden item in the bag was just spaghetti sauce — Ragu “It’s In There”

Police had this to say about the bank boost:

“It did look like there was a hard object in there. But it was folded over so you couldn’t see what was inside. It turned out that it was a couple of cans of spaghetti sauce inside the bag”

Just when you thought crime was for the vernal and vivacious, suddenly you are proven wrong. Police don’t know where she currently is or how much dough she fled the scene with but one thing is clear: Be suspicious of anyone toting cans of spaghetti sauce in their purse.

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By Aaron Rowe

Aaron is a wiz when it comes to technology but still manages to find time to be a foodie on the side. He lives by the social, whether it be FoodSpotting, FourSquare or Instagram and is always on the lookout for the next big bite.

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