Sonic Serving Hand-Crafted Low-Calorie Soda


We have to admit, Sonic does make some pretty good sodas. So it completely makes sense that the fast food chain would expand on that strength with a new set of hand-crafted sodas. Called Sonic Splash Hand-Crafted Sodas, they are said to be made-to-order and low in calories. Should pair nicely with the multiple bags of corn dogs we usually order.

Brand Eating reports that they were in testing stages last year, but have now become a permanent addition to the menu. The flavors so far include Raspberry, Peach and Blackberry-Pineapple. Sonic’s drink menu also features flavors like Sunshine Berry (a combination of peach, strawberry and lemon) and Hawaiian Wave (combining mango syrup with lime and pineapple).

The drinks are made with carbonated water, sugar-free syrup and fresh fruit. Because it’s Sonic, everything is also customizable.

H/T Brand Eating

By Peter Pham

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