SNL Partners with It’Sugar, Thus Schweddy Balls Now Exist


Celebrating Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary, the long-running show has partnered with candy chain It’Sugar to create more than 50 fictional snacks and novelty gifts throughout SNL’s history. Yep, Pete’s famous Schweddy Balls and Colon Blow cereal are now real.

Schweddy Balls were made famous years ago on a classic SNL sketch featuring Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, the creator of the eponymous balls. Colon Blow Cereal was also introduced during SNL’s heyday by the late Phil Hartman, a man who valued a high-fiber diet.

Also among the list are Stefon’s Pop n’ Rock Party Bars and Schmitts Gay Beer. The items will be available at more than 60 of the It’Sugar locations as well as online Sept. 13. Christmas is only a few months away, who wouldn’t love a sack of Schweddy Balls?


By Peter Pham

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