Watch the Trailer for Snack-Off, Rob Dyrdek’s New MTV Cooking Competition Show

If you’ve ever caught an episode of Food Network’s Chopped and wondered how come there wasn’t a show like that for the college-aged snack food-inspired generation, then Rob Dyrdek was wondering the same thing. Introducing Snack-Off, a half hour cooking competition show highlighted by a group of amateur chefs battling it out in a host of “snack” inspired challenges.

The show is hosted by Eddie Huang and supported by a panel of judges including supermodel and Foodbeast Chrissy Teigen, chef and entrepreneur Jason Quinn, and what appears to be a rotating/TBA third judge. For fans of the internet, it’s fair to note this show isn’t the first of its kind, with Epic Meal Time having imagined a season of a snack-based gluttonous cook-off in the form of Epic ChefNo word on whether Dyrdek’s show was inspired Epic Meal Time’s programming, but the similarities are interesting.


According to the MTV show page, the contestants will all be battling for a cash prize, a golden spork necklace, as well as getting their recipe published in the inevitable Snack-Off cookbook.

Who’s excited for this show?

By Elie Ayrouth

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