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This Small Brewery Just Trolled Budweiser In The Best Way Possible

Saugatuck Brewing Company may have just pulled off one of the greatest trolls of all time on another brewer that, we thought, was trying to troll the whole world with their bold new campaign.

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A few days ago, Budweiser announced that they will be renaming their beer to “America,” in an obvious attempt to appease the American public by the power of association and the exploitation of American patriotism. This change comes on the heels of the announcement of their summer campaign slogan, “America Is In Your Hands.”

What does it taste like you ask? Freedom. It tastes like freedom.

Saugatuck Brewing Company saw an opportunity to mock Anheuser-Busch’s bold marketing campaign and immediately jumped on it. On their Facebook page, the Michigan-based brewery released their own rebranded beer, one they emphasized was “actually American.”

Any company that has 1,776 bald eagles employed as supervisors probably knows how to get shit done.



Source: CBS Detroit, Fox News 

By Sean Fahmy

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