Sloppy Joe Challenge

As will soon become customary, we are going to continue to bring you challenges, hopefully something fun to look at when you wake up on a Friday morning (which is why I’m up punching this badboy out at 2:00 a.m. in the morning). This is definitely going to be a fun article. Here’s the back story, Chris Do, one of our favorite Irvine foodbeasters, in collaboration with proper urging from 8’5″ Kevin Wynne, decided it would be proper to follow up Chris’ amazing feat at In N Out Burger with an attempt to eat 10 sloppy joes in 20 minutes. Who knew the following would be so difficult? Follow me on the journey:

I’d like to introduce everyone to University of California: Irvine, the unofficial host of this event. To be even more specific, we will be taking you to the Brandywine Commons where we will accumulate our 10 sloppy joes.

This is where many of the Freshman over at UC Irvine have their daily meals.

The day’s menu over at B-Wine. Check out that Little Italy Chicken Pita, though it’s not the focus of this post, I definitely hustled a few of them throughout my time in there.

This was the demo of the Sloppy Joe they had as you entered the building.

The way this “eatery” works, they would definitely frown upon you taking more than one Sloppy Joe at a time. Luckily, our friend K-Wynne gave admission to 10 of our friends to gather the supplies for Chris’ task.

Good people behind the counter fixing up Chris’ upcoming meal. Just being in the Brandywine Commons allowed me to think back about our fun days as college freshmen, and all the amazing amounts of food my friend Mang used to eat.

The man of the hour, Chris Do, alongside his 10 closest friends!

Shaking hands, doing pre-food interviews, Chris seems to be enjoying his celebrity status.

Chris’ gameplan, empty out each bun-meat-bun family and handle all the meat first. Following this, his plan is to Kobayashi the bread.

And he’s off! 20 minutes from the first bite!

3 minutes in, Chris is almost done with all of the meat and on his way to the carbs.

Above is a still from Brandywine’s security camera. Don’t be stealin’ things, they do know. Psyche! But seriously, this is a still from their archive tapes of the past week, thanks manager (I forgot your name)!

Chris dunkin’ the bread in the water; feelin’ the pain.

Things are getting serious, no one said this thing would be easy.

Hold on…about 17 minutes in, and Chris needs a quick time out.

At this point, time was ticking. Chris stood up and tried to speak…

…he sat back down for a few more seconds, and stood back up. Then, without notice, he ran through the crowd and out the door. I was unaware what was going on, I assumed Chris wanted to relieve himself.

A few moments later, after searching for Chris outside, he was nowhere to be found. I found myself in the bathroom on the outskirts of the Brandywine building.

The entrance to the bathroom.

Projectile vomit.

Touché Sloppy Joes, touché.

By Elie Ayrouth

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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