What’s Really Inside a Slim Jim [Watch]

Slim Jim

No matter where you live, chances are you’ll spot some Slim Jims in your local checkout line. They’re the classic American meat stick snack, but have you ever wondered — what’s inside one of those things?

It’s time to face reality, folks. The “meat” part of Slim Jims is ground up, very low grade meat. It’s also filled out by “mechanically separated chicken,” aka the pink slime McDonald’s supposedly doesn’t use in their nuggets. And that’s not all — Slim Jims are full of corn, wheat and soy proteins as well as lots and lots of salt. Sodium nitrate can also be found in there, preventing botulism and keeping the meat stick an appealing reddish color.

Check out all the, er, appetizing details in the video below:

Still not grossed out? Then whip up some Slim Jim meatballs ya fool.

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By Cameron Simcik

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Lisa: How do you feel? What’s inside you right now?
Nelson: I dunno…guts, black stuff, about 50 Slim Jims.

So, Slim Jims contain meat by products, plant-based filler and loads of salt. This isn’t very surprising to me.

I can’t argue these aren’t healthy for a daily treat. However, for hiking and outdoor activities, the salt and sodium nitrate are invaluable.

<> Just what Foodbeast needs, a new airheaded blogger that just regurgitates every disproven urban legend spoon-fed to her by the selectively anti-corporate hypocrites. *Sigh*

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