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Slice Is Finally Coming Back, But With A Major Change

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If there was a soda that could instantly transport us back to our youths, it would be Slice soda. Between the sweet can design and the trace amounts of actual juice, Slice was our beverage of choice as we trudged along the painful period called adolescence.

Like with Tim Allen sitcoms, it appears Slice will also be making a return to the spotlight.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago entrepreneur Mark Thomann has obtained the trademark rights of the beverage from PepsiCo and will be distributed under the new company New Slice Ventures.

Unfortunately for Slice purists, the drink will undergo a change to fit our more health conscious generation. The soft drink will now become a beverage low in sugar and calories that’s sweetened with real fruit juice.

Think of it like LaCroix, just slightly sweeter.

Kind of makes sense that they’re going after the sparkling water demographic rather than retread their attempts against major sodas.

While the new Slice product is still in development, Thomann hopes to have it available to retailers within the next six months.

By Peter Pham

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