Popular Chef Shows Us What A Lobster In-N-Out Burger Could Look Like


If you’ve ever been to a Slapfish, then you’ve probably heard of chef Andrew Gruel. Gruel is the owner of seven locations of the fast-casual seafood chain. The restaurant is known best for their lobster rolls and chowder fries, but Gruel posted a fun photo last night of a potentially new item that could be a hit on the Slapfish menu.

The Ultimate Lobster Roll meets In-N-Out for a low calorie game of canasta. #lobsterburger

A photo posted by Chef Andrew Gruel (@andrewgruel) on

Yep, Gruel stuffed a fat stack of lobster between two In-N-Out cheeseburgers and created a combination one can only dream of.

While a lobster burger is already on Slapfish’s menu, there’s yet to be one made with two whole cheeseburgers as buns much less cheeseburgers from In-N-Out.

Sigh, one day. One day.

By Peter Pham

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