Skittles Swaps Green Apple Flavor with Lime, Changes ‘Original’ Rainbow


Someone in Skittles Candy Land really screwed up. I’m not looking to get anyone fired, but who the hell decided to change one of the original Skittles flavors? Apparently, after conducting some sort of poll, the team over at the Skittles Kingdom chose to replace the Lime-flavored green Skittle with Green Apple. In a move that has left many feeling as betrayed as when Monopoly changed the Iron to a Cat, the negative outpour should be cause for concern in the Rainbow Factory.

The green Skittle has always been Lime. It should always be Lime. This Green Apple Skittle just feels wrong. Who’s going to pal around with Lemon now? Is this meant to be some sort of affront to citrus lovers? It’s like when your favorite band loses an original member; it’s hard to retain the magic or ever get it back.

Since the decision, there has been much outrage. A Facebook group entitled, ‘Bring Back Lime Skittles,’ has begun. People have desperately turned to the Internet to find answers, and the candy blogosphere has erupted with outrage.

Simple suggestion for Skittles: Why not make a Green Apple flavor in a different shade of green? I’m sure the people over at Pantone would be happy to help.

The question now becomes, do the makers of Skittles have the integrity to no longer use the word ‘Original’ on their labels?

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By Joey Nargizian

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79 replies on “Skittles Swaps Green Apple Flavor with Lime, Changes ‘Original’ Rainbow”

I have no reason to purchase Skittles any longer. They have been my all time favourite candy for 15 years and green (lime flav) were my favourites. So dissapointed. Why change a good thing?

to me the lime destruction isnt the biggest thing, skittles no longer have vitamin c in them as well, they as a whole suck now, hopefully they wont destroy starburst like they did skittles

skittles broke my heart..just like when starburst excluded lime out and skittles lime tasted jus like the lime starburst used too..I now hate green apple candy forever… thanks skittles

I had the misfortune to find out they changed the green flavor today. That green apple flavor leaves a lingering bad taste in my mouth….Skittles, don’t improve something that doesn’t need any improvements!

i can appreciate you have your taste preference, but when the candy was already your favorite before the green apple betrayal, who cares how much you like the new flavor. You are by far in the minority and by the looks of things a lot of people are upset over the change. I don’t mind the flavor so much on its own, its the way it tastes when eaten with the other flavors. This new flavor does not belong in the originals flavor group. It would probably be a better fit in their other flavor groupings. If lime is not brought back, I see the sales dropping considerably. I have noticed at the convenience stores that the new originals flavors are just sitting on the shelves. That doesn’t bode well for our favorite candy.

The green apple skittle over powers all the other flavors! I used to enjoy mixing the flavors in my mouth and making up new flavors… now I can’t. All I taste is green apple 🙁 Boo to you, Skittles, you suck!

Lime is the best and I even gave the green apple a chance, but it really is no good! PLEASE bring back THE LIME. Put the green apple crap in some other kind.. it’s NOT ORIGINAL!

you can’t change an original! Maybe after grape, sour apple is almost everyone’s least favorite candy flavor. I don’t see what would possess you to do such a thing! If you want to put an apple flavor, do it in one of the special bags. But don’t screw with the original!

because of LIME?? REALLY?!?! its freakin LIME! LEMON or LIME, as long as the flavor profile for each candy stays true to the brand I think something like LIME (which isnt why people by skittles in the first place….really most give up the LIME or LEMONS anyway) can be over looked. its not a deal breaker. its not like they changed Strawberry, or even Orange…..its LIME for pete sake!!!!

I was eating them in the theater so I couldn’t tell what color I was eating, so every time I got an apple I was wonder what the hell this flavor was. It does not go well at all. I guess they though that lemon and lime were similar enough that they could do this, but the apple is horrible. Feels like it should go in the tropical skittles. I want lime back!

They should have ditched lemon. Noone likes lemon. But I will say, while lime was lackluster (just ahead of lemon for me). I LOVE the new apple flavor =) its now my favorite of the whole mix, ousting grape and strawberry. If everyone wants to get all pissy fine. But I am also similarly fine with the change ;D

I bought a big pack of skittles at the movies not realizing that it said green apple. I began to snack on my skittles and was very unhappy with what I was experiencing. Who did this? I hate green apple candy and skittles were the only candy I would eat at the movies because I didn’t have to take out all the green candies. I must say that whoever did this ruined movie going experience for life.

This is exactly how I found out they ditched lime. I bought ORIGINAL skittles at the theater. I opened my skittles bag as soon as the movie started and YUCK. I thought my bag of skittles had gone bad. I got home and examined the bag, and discovered they had changed lime to green apple. Why does the bag still say “0riginal”? Misleading!

I agree with the rest of all of you! The green apple is terrible I was so confused when I ate the seemingly lime and was sadly surprised with a horrible tasting green apple-yuk!

Candy makers need to realize that polling is a terrible way to judge public perception of their candy. The majority of people who vote in these polls are those who want change. Those who are happy with the candy have no motivation to visit the site or take part in a poll for new flavors.

Green apple is now pervasive in the candy market and lime is quickly becoming extinct. Skittles had a wonderful and memorable flavor profile which is now shattered by the strange flavor of green apple. Wrigley made the same mistake when they polled for changes with Life Savers. I haven’t bought a single roll since the change and I will be making the same choice with Skittles.

Goodbye Skittles…you will be missed.

Honestly, I didn’t think people ate anything other than the red one. I’m happy with my green apple skittles. Lime was pointless. Lemon and Orange are all the citrus one needs.

;-; Darn you Skittles! You where one of the only candies I ate the whole bag of cause you didn’t have Green Apple! And now my Lemon is lonely cause I eat them in pairs!

I am so angry!! I HATE green apple it is the most disgusting flavor ever! Lime was my favorite. Why would you change it. If you want disgusting green apple so bad put it in a different flavor mix but bring back the lime!! How can you say ORIGINAL. Its not that anymore. Shame on you skittle makers

Just ate a green skittle to discover it is apple. Freaking disgusting. I’m shocked and appalled. I can taste green apple in all the other flavors. No more skittles for me.

“Original Skittles” have been my favorite candy since I was a kid, and I just turned 30…so a long time! Today I bought skittles in a mixed bag for Halloween and personal enjoyment etc. What I tasted next was probably the most horrifying experience I could possibly imagine. I checked the package 10 times and was in total disbelief. Inevitably I ended up here at this site because of it lol. cant believe this.

The worst thing that could have ever possibly happened in my life just did. Good job Skittles…im out.

Apple skittle? I just had skittles for the 1st time in many years and they change the best one? Terrible idea. Only idea worse than that would be to change the pink original starburst. Childhood nostalgia officially ruined. Thanks Skittles.

Jesus christ, it’s candy, no need to unleash your fury because the company made a bad decision. Just send in your complaints like civilized people and wait for them to change it back. Kicking and screaming on the comments section of a random blog post because one flavor’s been replaced with a lesser one doesn’t get anything done.

Ruined my entire experience. Skittles execs missed the mark on this one, simply horrible. I wonder if they even performed any case studies before making the change, surely they would have seen everyone’s disgust!!!

When was the last time you asked for a wedge of green apple to enhance the flavor of your drink or dish? While lime may not be the top favorite amoungst skittle lovers, I say it was the best mixer of the bunch. Green apple sucks, over powers all the other flavors and is a skittle bully. Shame on you Wriggly for ruining a perfect band of flavors and one of my favorite candies. I will put my money to good use and look to Mars, Nestle and other co to fill the skittle hole left in the wake of a green apple coup.

I actually really like the green apple skittles better. Why would you have lime when you already have lemon? To me, the lime skittles were just green lemon skittles that did not taste quite as good as the yellow lemon skittles

Since I was able to eat candy my parents bought me 1-2 packs per week of the Original bag and did so until I was able to buy them on my own. I’m 27 now and have kept this tradition alive up until the release of the “Green Apple”.

The Original was the only version I liked and since I don’t really eat candy besides Skittles I’m now depressed over the entire situation.

Wrigley, you have half a dozen other Skittle variations you could have modified or in this case ruined, why did you mess up the only candy I’ve ever loved when there was nothing wrong with it to begin with?

In closing, I haven’t bought a single pack since the appearance of “Green Apple” and I’ve been buying 2 packs since I was allowed to eat candy and I’m currently 27. You do the Math!

ugh… Not that lime was my favorite or anything, but the green apple tastes HORRIBLE. I predict the genius who came up with this idea will rank right up there in history with the New Coke idiot…

Lime sucked. It was the number one reason I never bought the original Skittles, and instead bought the far superior Tropical or Wild Berry bags. This is a marked improvement. Lemon, Orange, and Lime were always far too similar, and Lime was the worst of the bunch.

I, as an American citizen disapprove of the green apple skittle for two reasons, 1 is obviously the lime was, and always will be the American populous’ favorite skittle and 2 lime perfectly compliments any flavor in the package while green apple, basically fucks everything up… nuff said

Two things came to mind with this post:

1) “Wait .. they had a lime flavored Skittle” and

2) Wars, famine, political corruption, murder, homelessness … and people are angry about a flavor change in a bag of candy. The world is in serious, serious need of re-prioritizing.

Omg I feel the same this is crap the word original Means that! Don’t change it. Green apple don’t mix with the other flavors its just out of place and wired

Forget making Greenapple skittles a different color. How can they call them “original skittles” when it’s not the original flavors in the bag? Lime
skittles were my favorite and they have let me and many other people down.

I been taking the green ones out for years, tasted and smelled just like pine-sol. EVERYONE knows the RED ONE is the best. In the playground 3 reds used to trade for five orange or lemon Skittles, four grapes or 7 green pinesol ones.

Green Apples is TEN times better. Good job Skittles. NOW MASH up the entire pack into one giant Skittle and call it SKITTLE.. imagine the savings on the ink not used for that less “S” smh

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