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‘Sit With Us’ App Makes Sure Students Never Have To Eat Alone Again

“You can’t sit with us,” is a popular Mean Girls quote, where character Regina George was reminded by Gretchen Wieners that she was wearing sweat pants on the wrong day, therefore not allowing her to sit at their lunch table.


While it was a fairly accurate depiction of the ridiculousness that occurs in high school cafeterias, bullying actions like that might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to 16-year-old Natalie Hampton’s new app.

It’s aptly called, “Sit With Us,” and is a private way for students to find a group of kids to sit and eat lunch with.


By making the seat-finding process discreet, it prevents awkward, Forrest Gump moments where mean-ass kids say things like, “Seat’s taken,” when the seat is clearly not taken.

Hampton was inspired to create this app after spending most of her 7th grade year eating alone, according to LA Daily.

Hampton launched the app a week ago, she said she has already seen a change within her own school, telling NPR that classmates are posting open lunch invites and getting involved with the app.

If Regina George had this app in the Mean Girls movie, she could have smoothly left the table and sat with a more loving, accepting group of students who didn’t care about her sweat pants.

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