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Shrimp Mayonnaise-Flavored Doritos Hit Shelves in Japan


We know what you’re thinking: First, Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos, then Bacon Doritos, and now Shrimp Mayonnaise in a bag? This is surely the beginning of the end. However, before you slowly back away and give this latest “gourmet” Dorito flavor from Japan a swift and final no, let’s take a moment to talk it out.

Shrimp and mayonnaise are often paired together to create Honey Walnut Shrimp — a sumptuous, creamy dish found at many restaurants — and are even slathered on sandwiches as a topping. The flavor combination itself is rich and an attempt to recreate this taste in a single chip is not only ambitious, but intriguing.

Of course, if you’re still trying to get over the idea of a seafood-flavored bag of chips, you’re probably not convinced. Well, I tried. For those in Japan willing to give it a try, they’ll be available ’til March 17, 2014.

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By Charisma Madarang

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5 replies on “Shrimp Mayonnaise-Flavored Doritos Hit Shelves in Japan”

Why on earth would anyone combine shrimp with mayo? Is that a normal thing in some places?

Oh, after reading again, I see it’s done that way to create honey walnut shrimp. That sounds pretty tasty. But I still don’t think I’d be into shrimpy, mayonnaisey Doritos.

I just finished a bag of the Shrimp Mayonnaise chips. They don’t taste like shrimp at all. They taste like Japanese Mayonnaise, which is NOT like western mayonnaise… It’s FUCKING DELICIOUS.

This isn’t the same thing, but I love those shrimp flavored rice crackers/crisps that you can buy at Asian markets. I can sit and eat a whole bag of those without even thinking.

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