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For One Day, Shake Shack Will Serve A ‘Michelin-Starred’ Burger In Japan


Shake Shack, the popular fast-casual burger chain, has been known to do collaborations with chefs from time to time. In celebration of their first anniversary in Japan, Shake Shack will release a limited-time burger created by a Michelin-Starred chef, Nov. 3.

The Den Shack burger, will be the name of the collaborated burger between Zaiyu Hasegawa’s Jimbocho Den restaurant and Shack Shake, reports GrubStreet.

Jimbocho Den boasts not one, but two Michelin stars, one of the highest honors a restaurant can receive.

The Michelin-Starred Burger features a few simple core ingredients: bacon, marinated cucumbers, and red miso on top of a beef patty topped with melted cheese.

You can only get your hands on that Thursday, though, and it’s selling for about $9, so if you happen to be in Japan in the next day or two, why not try it out?

Photo: Shake Shack

By Peter Pham

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