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Shake Shack And Dominique Ansel Just Created A Steamed Egg Katsu Sando

Shake Shack may be a nationwide fast food chain at this point, but that isn’t stopping them with collaborating with top chefs to create some exclusive, mouthwatering creations.

Their newest item comes in partnership with innovation wizard Dominique Ansel, known for pastries like the cronut and his signature Blossoming Hot Chocolate. Together, they’ve developed a steamed Egg Katsu Sando that somehow deep-fries perfectly steamed eggs.


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How that mixture of crispy exterior and fluffy interior harmonizes together is anyone’s guess, especially since you almost never hear of scrambled eggs taking a trip through a deep fryer. That’s exactly what this item does, though, and its flavor gets a boost from a miso-honey mayo and Ansel’s take on sweet, fluffy milk bread.

Paired with the Egg Katsu Sando is a Morning Maple Latte, which combines La Colombe coffee with steamed maple milk for a sweet, earthy contrast to the egg sandwich.

Ansel and Shake Shack are only selling the two items on March 15th and 16th, and only out of the West Village Shake Shack in New York City. The doors open at 8am daily, but Shake Shack already sold out on their first day. Thus, you’ll want to make sure to go early to secure a sandwich.

By Constantine Spyrou

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