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10 Crazy Tales of Servers Getting Revenge On Patrons, Coworkers, Or Upper Management

Have you ever had a frustrating dining experience and wondered whether or not you’ve pissed off your server enough to warrant some kind of food revenge? Did you have an off day and directed your decaffeinated aggression towards an undeserving barista? Maybe your boss or coworker has done you wrong. Well, you’re not alone.

We dug around Reddit and found some of the most epic, hilarious, and horrifying instances of server justice ever to be confessed on the Internet. While we remind you to try your best to not be an asshole to the food service industry, sit back and enjoy these tales of food revenge inflicted upon deserving patrons.

Like with an unseasoned steak, these stories should be taken with a pinch of salt.

[X-post /r/TalesFromYourServer] You fuck with my Work Fam, I fuck back. from ProRevenge

We’ve all had that boss that just makes your job miserable. However, this ramen girl got some well-deserved revenge on her tyrannical manager.

The time a coworker stole my tip. [Xpost from r/Talesfromyourserver] from ProRevenge

Never come between a server and their tips. This act of revenge took months, but the payoff was pretty generous.

Customer calls back every time we send him food and demands that we comp his order. Today was his last meal from our establishment. from pettyrevenge

If you cause a consistent ruckus as your local mom and pop pizzeria, you better believe they’ll notice.

If the customer before me was a bitch. I guess I should keep the ball rolling and be a bitch myself. from pettyrevenge

Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t flip out over them, just use your words.

Douchebag customer gets put in place from pettyrevenge

The bacon burger comeback of the century.

The Pettiest Barista Revenge from pettyrevenge

Coffee soaked fingers might be the most terrible act of revenge yet. Imagine the smell sticking around all day.

“Everything on the burger” from pettyrevenge

If you’re ordering “everything” on your burger, expect to pay for everything.

If you’re rude to me I’ll give you the shitty bananas. from pettyrevenge

Soggy banana tips are the worst.

Fast food revenge from pettyrevenge

A fast food server is like a genie, be careful with your words when you order.

If you are mean I’ll give you small chicken strips from pettyrevenge

This douche deserved tiny chicken strips.

By Peter Pham

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