How to Make an Instant-Coca Cola Slushie


Soda traditionally comes in two states: liquid and FML-I-forgot-it-in-the-freezer solid.

But self-proclaimed King of Random Grant Thompson has turned conventional cola wisdom on its ear with a new discovery — the self-freezing soda. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a trick that allows you to turn any bottle of pop into an instant slushie. Not quite liquid, not quite solid, now you can literally have your cola and chew it too.

Calling this a trick may be overstating matters, since I’m pretty sure this has been invented by about a million other people who’ve accidentally left their Cokes or Dr. Peppers in the freezer too long. And instant is a bit of a misnomer, considering you need three-plus hours of freezer time to get Thompson’s promised “light and fluffy delicious carbonated ice.” (Sorry!) But if you have an intrepid spirit, an afternoon to kill, and no 7-Eleven nearby, learning how to slushify your Coke is a worthy experiment — and cheaper than our other fave new soda-consumption gadget.

Did it work for you? Once the brain freeze fades, let us know.

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By Kara Sokol

Kara Sokol is a professional marketing director by day and an unprofessional writer and foodie by night. (Also, she hates the term ‘foodie.’) She spends her time devising healthy recipes that taste like junk food so she can achieve her goal of eating like a twelve-year-old forever. If it were up to her, the four food groups would be sushi, Nutella, avocadoes, and Diet Coke.

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