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Make $25K Posting About Rice On TikToK

How often do you have a dish that doesn’t have rice with it? Seems VERY rare for a lot of us. You can have it as a side to compliment the main course or transform it to become the main entrée yourself by adding some vegetables and shrimp to it. From side dish to full on meal — true coming of age tale!

The amount of respect that Seeds of Change is giving to rice shouldn’t be overlooked. They’ve really stepped the game up for quick and easy rice and grain meal options that don’t require a stove or rice cooker. All the more reason why this new role they’ve created is a dream come true.

Seeds of Change is here to set you rice lovers on easy street with their new Chief Rice-Tok Creator position. From June 7th until June 20th, creative foodie TikTokers can apply for the job and if earned, will be tasked with creating 10 weeks worth of TikToks.

The content needs to highlight various and creative ways you can utilize Seeds of Changes products and there’s no limit to what you can do. The lucky individual who gets selected will earn $25,000 and a year of product from Seeds of Change!

Share your video on TikTok showcasing your ultimate rice recipe with the hashtag #BeASeedofChange and fill out the application for your chance to win this dream job.