Mad’s Humorously Dark Take on Fast Food Secret Menu Items


Some of the best things about fast food restaurants are their secret menus. Whether it’s ordering your fries Animal Style or getting a side of gravy with them. However, what if there was a darker side to the world of secret menu items?

MAD Magazine released a hilarious graphic, written by Scott Maiko and designed by Mike Loew, for their October issue spoofing some of the more secret menu items from fast-food chains you might not know about. Now, for all you self-proclaimed foodies out there, I bet you’ve never come across anything like this.




While the first two make my stomach curl, the Chicken McFlurry definitely caught my attention. Not only is it doable, the more I look at it the more I kind of want to try it out. Stay tuned.


Taco Bell


Sometimes when I order a taco, I hate the fact that they load it up with so much beef, lettuce and cheese. Totally takes away from the experience. I’ll be having my tacos ghost style now, thank you.




Ordering the Six-Inch Cleanup just sounds like you’re doing Subway a favor. But hey, it could work if you’re looking to cut calories. The Lapsed Veggie is pretty much what I have to deal with every time I grub at my local Subway.




The Atlanta Dip sounds like a great idea just waiting to happen. Give it a few months and it’ll catch on. Maybe. Probably not. But hopefully.


Long John Silver’s


Who doesn’t love deep-fried food bits left to be forgotten at the bottom of a deep-fryer. The lone fry in an order of Onion Rings, the stray Tator Tot … If anything, they’re just soaking in more and more flavor with each minute they sit in the fryer.


Kentucky Fried Chicken


I’m pretty sure the Colonel’s Cheesy Discharge was a movie my friend stole from his dad and hid under his bed all through middle school. Still, doesn’t this sound like a great idea for something to bring to a Super Bowl party?


Burger King


If you have to eat the Jacksonville Lube Job without napkins, you really shouldn’t be ordering it.

H/T Reddit + PicThx MAD Magazine

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.

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