Score Points With This Pac-Man Cheesecake

One of the most iconic 80’s arcade games was Pac-Man, without question. With the release of movies like “Wreck-it Ralph”, old school video games have had a complete resurgence in today’s pop culture. So why not make yourself super relevant with this easy-to-create Pac-Man inspired cheesecake? Seems pretty self-explanatory, make (hell, even buy one) cheesecake, cut slice out, add tiny chocolate eye. Although the idea doesn’t require you to be Julia Childs, you will probably get a good laugh out of your friends with this one. I guess it could be just as easy to wear a Pac-Man t-shirt, but that’s not as clever, now is it?

Photo Courtesy Incredible Things


By Danielle Mooradian

Danielle Mooradian is a recent East Coast transplant who has eaten her way across the country. The best gift she has ever received was a panini maker, and loves anything that resembles a cheeseburger. Her goal in life is to become a judge on Iron Chef.

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