Science Explains Why You Are Not 1% Nacho [VIDEO]


Let’s say a 99-lb person downs 1 lb of nachos like a beast. Would that additional weight the nachos provided, combined with the person’s original weight, result in said person being 1 percent nachos? A legitimate question that’s plagued those with the munchies for years has now been answered.

To simplify, you aren’t 1 percent nachos. The human body is packed with bacteria that’s made up of 3 percent body mass. That 3 percent of bacteria will break down the food ingested and expel it in about a day or two. That being said, there will still be some traces of nacho goodness left behind. Disappointing news for those with the firm belief that you are what you eat, but I guess if that were true we’d all be walking pizzas and burgers.

To get the full breakdown, check out the video posted by SciShow below.

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By Peter Pham

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