Scan Your Screaming Face on Chocolates, We Heard it’s Super Romantic

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How many of us have heard the phrase, “You’re so cute, I just want to eat you up?”

Now, you actually can eat someone up — if they decide to create a likeness of their own face in chocolate, that is.

Because, yeah, that’s actually a thing, and you can actually do that. According to Japanese news site Kotaku, a wonderful DIY-style restaurant in Shibuya, Japan by the name of FabCafe allows customers to scan their faces and afterwards, print out customized molds. Then. . . success! A chocolate truffle’d version of your face to terrify your beau (or soon-to-be-ex.)

Imagine the look on their faces when they see your own face set in chocolate. What more could someone want, right?

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Just look at that expression of love!

Unfortunately, this special promotion by FabCafe is only open to females, since women are traditionally the ones to give chocolate to their significant others for V-day in Japan.

Sorry men, you’re just going to have to wait for your own creepy chocolate face to gift to your lover.

H/T Kotaku

By Jennifer Lai

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