This Compartmentalized, Vertical Kitchen is the Jenga of Modern Appliances


Are you struggling to find extra space in that teeny tiny apartment? Or maybe you simply have a knack for compact household appliances? Well friend, it’s your lucky day. We’d like to introduce you to ECooking, the vertical kitchen unit.

This Massimo Facchineti creation has all the basic cooking amenities built into a single column. A stove, sink, fridge, oven, storage, countertop space and an espresso maker are all within arm’s reach. The design even features an herb garden with a UV light. Talk about a fancy shmancy portable kitchen, eh?

The only problem we see people running into is the unit’s height. This thing is the high-rise of modern kitchens and we’re guessing you’d have to be pretty tall to reach all of the compartments with ease. Hopefully, it comes with a built-in ladder as well. Shoot, it has an herb garden, it might as well throw in a ladder or two.

ECooking isn’t available for purchase just yet, but there’s buzz that it could roll out in early 2014.

H/T + PicThx Gizmodo

By Cameron Simcik

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