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Sam’s Club Is Selling MASSIVE Bargain Buckets Of Jack Daniels Ribs

Sam’s Club is known for having some gargantuan items on sale, like their hubcap-sized cinnamon roll from last year. In keeping with that size matter theme, they’ve just released a giant bucket of ribs that’s perfect for those looking to get a couple of last summer BBQs in on the cheap.

Each of these collectible buckets contains a whopping 4 pounds of Jack Daniel’s ribs. The ribs have been pre-seasoned, fully cooked, and cut, making it a cinch to slap them on the grill, in the microwave, or however else you wanna heat them up. Three minutes in a microwave or 15 minutes in the oven gets the ribs heated to perfection, according to a Sam’s Club representative.

They also come at a pretty decent bargain. Uncooked racks of ribs can cost roughly $3.50 per pound on average, and at $20 for the bucket, you’re paying roughly that price plus the cost of the collectible bucket holding the ribs. Even if you don’t keep the bucket, $5 per pound of fully cooked ribs is still a solid deal.

Sam’s Club representatives confirmed to Foodbeast that these will be available through October while supplies last.

By Constantine Spyrou

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