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Ruby Chocolate KitKats Are Now Launching Worldwide, May Also Come To The USA

Ever since the world got a first glimpse at it last year, ruby chocolate has been garnering serious attention for its natural pink hue and berry-like flavor. Nestle got the jump on everybody by innovating with this new confection to develop ruby chocolate KitKats, which debuted in Japan and Korea this past January. Now, the rest of the world is about to get their chance to try these, and despite Hershey owning the USA branch of the iconic candy bar, we may be getting them here as well.

Starting next Monday, ruby chocolate KitKats will launch in UK supermarket chain Tesco for everyone to try. Once there, Nestle will be sending out their products to the rest of Europe in the coming weeks. The official KitKat Instagram has also confirmed in comments that the Americas will receive these buzzworthy treats at that time.

When followers of the page asked about a potential USA launch in the comments, KitKat had this to say:

This could mean that Nestle is somehow getting ruby chocolate KitKats into the United States despite Hershey owning the brand locally. We’ve reached out to Nestle to confirm whether this is the case, but have yet to hear back. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we receive further information regarding this release.

By Constantine Spyrou

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