Roses Are Red, Violets… Are Cheese?

Swizzels Matlow and The Chesire Cheese Company have partnered together to create a very unique cheese flavor,  Parma Violet Cheese. The invention is exactly what is sounds like, a cheese flavored to taste like the Parma Violet candy.

Parma Violet candies are a British candy similar to Smarties, except they’re violet flavored. The cheese was made in celebration because the candy is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

According to the Swizzels Matlow website, the collaboration was a process that involved months of planning and experimenting an effort to perfect the flavor, color and texture. Both the flavor and the look are unique, as you can see the cheese itself is actually purple. 

Move over Red Leicester, there’s a new cheese in town #parmavioletscheese

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Swizzels described the cheese’s taste a combination of “the tangy bite of Cheshire Cheese with the delicate sweet taste of Parma Violets. It can be purchased online on the Swizzels website or on The Chesire Cheese company. The cheese company said each order will recieve free giant Parma Violets. 

By Kara Carlson

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