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Ice Cream Wraps Around Ice Cream In This Inception-Like Dessert Burrito

Rolled ice cream rolls in multiple forms are a massive trend right now, but this method of serving them might be most innovative and eye-popping one we’ve seen.

Stax Cookie Bar in Orange County, California has an item called a Creamrito. As captured by our Foodbeast friend,ย @sherriesavorsthecity, in the video below, you get the option of one ice cream to serve as the outer “wrap” and one ice cream to serve as the interior.

Basically, it’s like the ridiculously viral Cotton Candy Burrito many of y’all have seen, but with ice cream as the outside layer instead of cotton candy. With layers upon layers of ice-cold creaminess, though, Stax’s dessert is just as much of a sugar bomb as the cotton candy burrito was.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a sweet way to cool down this summer, grab one of these burritos and customize it to whatever flavors you desire. Just make sure to eat it quick, though, since the heat will turn your Creamrito into a cream puddle before you realize it.

By Constantine Spyrou

Constantine's life revolves around eating, studying, and talking about food. He's obsessed with eggs, gyros, and the future of food.