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Burger King Introduces Onion Ring-Stuffed Burgers for a Dollar

Burger Rodeo

Fans of the original Rodeo Cheeseburger from Burger King will be happy to hear that the burger chain is adding two new sandwiches to their line up.. Though sadly neither will include cheese, the new Rodeo Burger and Rodeo Chicken Sandwich seems like it might find a home for fans of the “Rodeo Style” of adding onion rings and BBQ sauce.

The Rodeo Burger comes with a beef patty topped with crispy onion rings, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and a sesame seed bun, while the Rodeo Chicken Sandwich swaps the beef patty for a chicken patty.

The sandwiches are a limited time item now available for $1 on the value menu.

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By Peter Pham

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7 replies on “Burger King Introduces Onion Ring-Stuffed Burgers for a Dollar”

Better for you than what, exactly? And no, there’s nothing wrong with onion rings on a burger. It just seems like adding insult to injury, is all. It seems all the time fast food places are coming up with more and more ways to add more fat and calories to food that already has enough.

And really, my comment was more or less a facetious one.

I know and I lashed out at you unnecessarily anyhow.
I just am so tired of the typical comments. “Oh boy that’s a heart attack waiting to happen!!” Yuck yuck yuck. Stale.

Eh, that’s not as bad as those health advocates making lists of foods we should never eat and bashing perfectly honest foods, like rice and potatoes, into the ground. So I’d much rather see foods like this shoved into the faces of the people trying to get everyone to live off of rabbit food.

Like this article…

They can stick it, LOL

Eat right, exercise, die anyway.

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