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Watch The Creators of “Rick and Morty” Try The Coveted McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Very few in this world have the financial capability to spend frivolous amounts of money on even more frivolous items. For example: World renowned DJ, Deadmau5, purchased a 64oz. jug of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce for about $15,000.

If you have been previously unaware of the hype going around regarding the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, the popular animated television series Rick and Morty — following a grandpa/grandson duo’s inter-dimensional misadventures — brought the limited time McNugget sauce back from its 1998 nostalgic obscurity, igniting the internet’s fascination.

In the video above, creators Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, and their team all get a chance to try the Mulan-inspired sauce, bearing mixed reviews.

If only my 8 year-old self could recall how this presumably delicious McNugget sauce tasted like; my tastebuds wouldn’t be trembling. These guys are practically grubbing away at a dipping sauce worth roughly $235/oz. The hype is real.

By Raphael Madrid

Raphael is a lot better at eating than he is cooking. He also opts for the al pastor over the carne asada in his tacos and burritos. Mild in the streets, picante in the sheets. Vegeta > Vegetables.