These Whiskey Flasks Are Designed To Look Like Classic Game Cartridges


Usually when someone is seen carrying an old video game cartridge, they’re labeled as a vintage gamer. Now that this series of whisky flasks cleverly designed to look like retro games exists, they can also earn the label of drunk.

Designed by Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey, the drinking flasks were inspired by his fondness of vintage video games. Each flask is a spoof on a classic video game including Mega-Man, Duck Hunt, Final Fantasy and many others. However, they all feature an alcoholic theme.

Check out some of the witty designs below.


The flasks can be found at Ink Whiskey for $20 each where complete collection can be viewed. It should also be noted that the whisky flasks should not be inserted into a vintage game console. Especially in a drunken state.

By Peter Pham

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