Resuscitate Your Breakfast With This Defibrillator Toaster

Who says breakfast can’t be exciting? I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than shocking your bread back to life– it’s fun for the whole family! It seems straight forward enough: place a slice in each tray, select your toasting level, apply pressure and BAM, all clear! If you look closely, you can see the heart rate imprint that will be left on your flat-lining toast.

Sadly, this toaster is only a concept developed by Shay Carmon, the creator of other bizarre ideas such as the ‘two leg table’, and the ‘leaning chair’. Hopefully some day soon it will appear on the shelves, and you can finally fulfill your parent’s dream of becoming a cardiac surgeon. Well, close enough.

via Incredible Things

By Danielle Mooradian

Danielle Mooradian is a recent East Coast transplant who has eaten her way across the country. The best gift she has ever received was a panini maker, and loves anything that resembles a cheeseburger. Her goal in life is to become a judge on Iron Chef.

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This has GOT to be made for real! I know a huge amount of people who would buy this in an instant. There’s been less useful and odder ideas that have been created after all.

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