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8 Restaurant Chains Already Killing Our Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

As each new year begins, we always tell ourselves that we’re gonna eat better, get some more exercise, and improve overall health. Sounds great, right? Well, within a month, that usually all falls apart. This year has been especially tough to stick with the program because of all of the cheap and massive eats restaurant chains are throwing at us. Between the fast food value menu wars and all-you-can-eat deals galore, the temptation to pig out and kill our healthy resolutions is massive this year. Here’s some of the restaurant giants we have to thank for that:


dollar menu reboot

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

This month, McDonald’s is debuting its newly revamped Dollar Menu that’s got a bunch of eats for insanely cheap prices. It includes the return of Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, a new fried chicken sandwich, and plenty of cheap gluttonous eats. It’s almost too easy to go on a Mickey D’s binge thanks to this.

Taco Bell

2018 dollar menu rolloutPhoto: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

Taco Bell is coming after McDonald’s with their own dollar menu upgrade, and not stopping there. Our waistlines also have to contend with the debut of Taco Bell’s french fries this month, on top of the current bang-for-your-buck Stackers that are incredibly filling for just a dollar. Taco Bell may be one of the low-key healthiest fast food chains, but their new offerings this month are definitely not on the fitness-friendly side.


all-you-can-eat pancakesPhoto courtesy of IHOP

If you’re looking for some insane quantity at a cheap price, IHOP has definitely got you covered there. Their all-you-can-eat pancake deal this month checks in at just $3.99 per person. What’s more, the initial serving of either five hotcakes or a short stack with hashbrowns, eggs, and your choice of meat is already a steal on its own at that price.

Pizza Hut

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

Until January 8th, any pizza ordered online or on the mobile app from The Hut is half off. That makes it incredibly easy to stock up on a cheap plethora of pies, many of which you’ll probably devour and regret later when you remember you were trying to be healthy this month.


5 dollar footlong returnsPhoto courtesy of Subway

Much to the chagrin of franchise owners, Subway is officially bringing back its Five Dollar Footlong deal this January. A single footlong sub is actually quite the monstrosity to consume, especially with all that bread. If you’re not saving half for later, expect your gut to explode while devouring one of these.

Jack In The Box

Photo courtesy of Jack In The Box

Jack’s new Merry Munchies meal is a mish-mash of stoner food delights. It’s only available in California, where weed was just legalized. You can bet that people on that new kush will be focused on scarfing this cheap feast all down at once when the hunger hits.


Photo: Peter Pham // Foodbeast

Applebee’s is offering up all you can eat riblets and/or chicken tenders to ring in the New Year, and man, is it a lot of food. You can definitely eat your money’s worth on this gluttonous deal, and there’s even cheap $2 glasses of Blue Moon to wash it all down with. When it comes to pigging out on the low low, Applebee’s has the entire meal on lock.

Panda Express

restaurant chainsPhoto courtesy of Panda Express

For Chinese New Year, Panda Express is upping the ante with a new item on their WokSmart menu: 8 Treasure Chicken. What makes this item so tantalizing is the inclusion of dried Chinese sausage, a confirmed first for the Chinese American chain. That fatty, sweet meat is one of the most crave-worthy pieces of food you can find out there. It’s a worthy addition to this protein-packed and healthy indulgence, which checks in at just 230 calories per serving. As someone who’s grown up with a pack of Chinese sausage in my fridge 24/7, I already know that most of my planned gym time will actually be spent at Panda eating countless servings of this. Sorry, Mom.

By Constantine Spyrou

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