Apocalypse Avoided: Sriracha to Resume Shipments in Late January


It looks like everyone can breathe now, well except Irwindale residents: Sriracha will begin its shipping process later this month. There’s seems to be a light at the end of this unbearable 30-day tunnel for the beloved hot sauce, after all.

The troubles for Huy Fong Foods, manufacturer of Sriracha and other chili-based products, began when residents from the neighboring Irwindale area complained of an odor causing burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches. A court order demanded that the factory halt its productions for a 30-day period, which began in December. The shutdown was intended to further investigate the cause of the odor.

This was a problem for some food suppliers who believed they could lose hundreds of thousands in sales. However, it looks like things will be back in business for the company, as a spokesperson representing Huy Fong Foods confirmed with ABC News that they plan to resume shipments towards the end of January.

Between those stocking up religiously on bottles and those selling them on Amazon and eBay, has this month-long Sriracha panic given us a new sense of appreciation for the cock sauce?

H/T ABC News

By Peter Pham

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