Refrigerator Door Used as A Canvas for Amazing Art Series


There’s no shortage of creatives in the kitchen these days, but you don’t have to graduate from a top culinary school, own a Michelin-star restaurant, or even have fancy equipment to let your imagination go wild.

Hell, you don’t even have to cook to impress a lady in the kitchen — literally — if you have THIS artist’s skills.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the name of this up-and-coming awesome Leonardo Da Vinci whose work we stumbled upon on 9GAG, but what we do know is that he or she used a black dry-erase marker as it if were magic. Using an unusual canvas — yes, the freezer door of the fridge — this artist created some of the of the coolest art ever.

From penguins playing poker to an awesome skeleton, here’s a look at these masterpieces:



By Jennifer Lai

At the ripe age of three, Jennifer Lai sampled dishes as diverse as foie gras, jellyfish, and chicken feet. She was born Canadian, hails from Los Angeles, and lived in Berkeley and Chicago before moving to New York, where she now resides and writes. She spends at least one night a week compulsively roasting vegetables and re-watching episodes of Good Eats -- sometimes at the same time.

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