Reddit Sends Mass Pizza Delivery to Two-Year-Old Cancer Patient

pizza party delivery

The photo below recently went viral on Reddit:


Looking to pass the time in between treatments, 2-year-old Hazel Hammersley, a cancer patient at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, taped up a sign from her fourth-floor window. The sign, set up with help from her parents and staff, simply read, “Send Pizza = RM 4112.”

Shortly after the photo was posted to Reddit, members began sending an influx of pizzas to the hospital, and Hazel, along with other patients in the building, enjoyed the impromptu pizza party. Originally reported by The Daily Dot, the internet’s response was so overwhelming that the hospital had to announce that “no more pizzas are needed,” thanking everyone for their support.

“We have been absolutely humbled and surprised by the outpouring of love and support from the online community and can only hope and pray that this brings awareness to Neuroblastoma and the Childhood Cancer Community,” Hazel’s mom Lauren told The Daily Dot.

This family’s heartwarming story is a great reminder of the positive impact Reddit and other online communities can have.

To help support Hazel and her family, visit the Talbert Family Foundation.

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