Get A Free Burger at Red Robin if Your Name is Jim

Who and/or what is “Jim Day,” you ask? Who cares! FREE BURGERS!

Red Robin is celebrating the renown holiday affectionately referred to as “Jim Day” (whatever that is) on December 4 (that’s today, folks) and giving away free Sweet Jim Beam Bacon Swiss burgers at participating restaurants. The only stipulation is that you have to be named Jim, Jimmy, James, Jaime, or some variation thereof. Oh, and you also have to be at least 18 years old to redeem the offer… and you have to show valid identification… and it’s dine-in only. All you non-Jims feeling a little left out? No worries. If you live on any street of Jim-related nomenclature, you can also redeem the offer – with proof of address, of course.

This is, apparently, the second time the burger chain has celebrated this auspicious annual holiday and was actually met with some considerable response from the Jims across the country. Almost 25,000 Jim Beam burgers were given out on the last “Jim Day.” One thing’s for sure, the Jim/Jamie/Jimmys of the world couldn’t be happier… I can only surmise that’s the case. Unfortunately, I had the rotten luck of being named not-Jim, and I don’t think they’ll honor my gym membership for a free burger.

via Red Robin

By Brian Yamamoto

Brian earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in Photocommunications. He is a self-proclaimed ramen aficionado and dabbles in photography and writing in his spare time. While almost a carnivore, he doesn't shy away from partaking in peculiar cuisine whenever he's offered the chance. Some of his current culinary obsessions include home-made peanutella, gastropub burgers and sea urchin sashimi.

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