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Red Lobster Selling Cheddar Bay Biscuit Gift Boxes For The Holidays

Photo courtesy of Red Lobster

One of the best things about Red Lobster is their warm, cheesy Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Of course, with the current pandemic going on, getting into a restaurant to get free batches of these isn’t an option for everyone.

You do get two biscuits per entree when ordering takeout or delivery, and you can also order extra, but they do come at a price. Red Lobster is trying to give those biscuits some extra holiday cheer by turning them into a gift box.

Normally, according to Food & Wine, getting a set of Cheddar Bay Biscuits delivered or to-go costs $2.79 for six or $5.29 for a dozen. The chain’s new Biscuit Gift Box deal increases the cost for six by a dollar, but adds a special gift box packaging to the order.

They’re meant to be something to gift to others, or just to yourself if you’re craving extra helpings of the biscuits.

Red Lobster will have these for sale on their website starting on November 16th, but they are a limited-edition batch. Once the boxes are sold out, the biscuits will still be available at their normal price.

If you are able to dine in, the biscuits are still free and unlimited.

By Constantine Spyrou

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