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Recipe: TC90 Breakfast Scramble

So, I have been doing 7am workouts, and trust me it’s hard. I usually go to sleep at 4-5am. and get up around 1-2pm. Flipping my sleepy habits definitely made me hungry, and after reading as many food blogs as I do on the daily, making a breakfast scramble was a must. I put together all the necessary ingredients (or atleast what was in my fridge) and made what I will call the TC90 Breakfast Scramble. Check out how to make this, and all the pictures after the jump!

Here is a listing of the ingredients I used:

  • Eggs
  • Ham
  • Cheese
  • Red / Orange Peppers
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Basil

Now that you have all your ingredients together, you’re going to want to start to create this thing!
Chop up your tomato, peppers, basil, and avocado.

Once you have chopped all these up, mix them together in a bowl to be used later.

Now you are going to start heating up and grilling the ham.
Pour some oil!

While the ham is cooking, you are going to want to whisk together some eggs. I didn’t take photos of this because I forgot, or just because I get really into my egg whisking haha.

I add half and half, pepper and a dash of cinnamon when mixing scrambled eggs together. It seems to add a nice thick texture and a sweeter side to the eggs.

Now that the ham is hot and cooking, you’re going to want to add the chopped vegetables to the pan.

Mix it up alittle bit for good equal cooking.

Add cheese!

Once you have added your cheese and everything is going good, you’ll be ready to add your eggs.

After I added the eggs, I took my spatula and kind of just flattened out everything so it was even all around and would could equally.

I then turned my burner on low, and covered the pan with a lid to slow cook the mixture.

Slow cooking it allows the cheese to melt nicely and spread evenly. After about 10 minutes, you might notice that the scramble is taking form and the eggs are sticking to the sides. Since you don’t want your eggs to burn, you can now take your spatula and mix everything together, into one big pile of greatness!

Take it out of the pan, clean up. Serve and enjoy!

By Taylor Corner

Taylor is a wanderer from the streetwear and skate industries. He maintains a wealth of knowledge and experience eating out in Southern California.