Disney’s Ratatouille Restaurant Makes You Feel Magically Rodent-Sized


We’ve all taken a moment at the end of Ratatouille and thought, “Man, what I’d give to eat at that rat’s restaurant”. While it’s pretty ludicrous to seethe over a fictional rodent’s animated restaurant, part of us hoped it would one day become a reality. After all, Ratatouille did have some pretty heavy food porn. The lucky folks over at Disneyland Paris, however, have hit the Disney jackpot as they’ll be getting the new Ratatouille Restaurant, Chez Remy.

The 370-seater restaurant creates the feel of being a rat in an oversized environment. Patrons are made to believe they are living in the world of Ratatouille, minus the anthropomorphic rats. The dining area looks to be hidden under fauna with life-sized cocktail umbrellas as tables.


While the menu is pretty limited, it does include the movie’s signature dish: Ratatouille. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look half as drool-worthy as the movie version. Though I’m sure it tastes just fine.


Other menu items include salad, steak, cheese and profiterole. Y’know, people dishes.


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By Peter Pham

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