People Don’t Know Whether To Love Or Hate This RANCH FOUNTAIN

Hidden Valley Ranch is being cute AF recently.

They launched a web store with an array of accessories for the Ranch-obsessed, the cutest of which is a Hidden Valley RANCH FOUNTAIN. We procured ourselves their branded fondue fountain, along with 6 bottles of the liquid white, a couple racks of pizza, bread sticks and meatballs:

Within minutes of posting to our Facebook and Instagram, hundreds of polarized comments came rolling in.

Ranch fanatics supported the fountain in droves, with people like Philmore Papafingers claiming “I’ll bathe in it.” Some others saw the site of that much ranch as revolting and “disgusting.” Commenter David Wurtinger chimed in, “I once loved ranch until I saw this.”

Our office had a great deal of fun with it, though we immediately wished we had placed an order of chicken wings for this guy. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow’s Foodbeast lunch.

Fountains also available on Amazon.

By Elie Ayrouth

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.