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Gordon Ramsay Once Rented An Apartment For Struggling Hotel Owners

Gordon Ramsay may play the bad cop at times. In fact, he can be downright terrifying when working in a heated kitchen. When you’re face-to-face with the angry chef, getting a mouthful of donkey-themed insults, sometimes it’s easy to forget he actually has a heart of gold.

In a classic episode of Hotel Hell, Ramsay travels to Mississippi to visit Hotel Chester. Years ago, the hotel’s owner was in a car accident which led to the hotel’s struggle since. Because they were so far in debt, the owner’s wife had to take over in the kitchen and the couple had to move into the hotel to save some money.

In the episode Ramsay not only remodels Hotel Chester to appeal to a younger crowd, but he also hires a head chef for the couple out of his own pocket. Finally, as a final gesture, Chef Ramsay rents out an apartment for the owners away from the hotel.

While not permanent, Ramsay mentions multiple times that he’ll only be paying for the head chef and apartment until the owners get back on their feet and can afford the expenses themselves. Years later, Hotel Chester boasts a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor. We can assume they’re going to be OK.

What a nice guy.

By Peter Pham

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