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Watch An Annoyed Gordon Ramsay Drive James Corden And Reggie Watts To The Airport [HUMOR]

Gordon Ramsay is a man of many hats. The Michelin-star stud is a world-renowned chef, restauranteur, father, television personality, former athlete, and now… chauffeur.

In a segment on last night’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, chef Ramsay is tricked into taking both James Corden and comedian Reggie Watts to the airport.

Ramsay, visibly annoyed that he’s missing dinner with his wife, is bombarded with hilarious questions from the duo while doing his very best not to swear his lungs out. To make matters worse, the trio are stuck in traffic as Corden shouts out restaurant recommendations from all of Ramsay’s culinary competitors.

Watch the hilarious sketch from Corden’s show in the video above. Definitely worth the five minutes out of your day.

By Peter Pham

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